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3 Bits for the Perfect Round Tabletop

Bit 1: A straight cutting bit! Use this bit with a simple plywood jig to cut through about half your material thickness. My preference is a 1/2” compression bit for this - specifically the Astra coated 540-CM500.

Bit 2: A flush trim bit. After using a jigsaw to cut within the half inch groove left by my straight bit, I grab a flush trim bit, and cut the leftover lip off. My bit preference for this is either an astra coated W-UDFT5152 (1/2” compression spiral flush trim bit) or the Astra Coated Ultimate Combination Bit.

Bit 3: this one is personal preference, but I love a good chamfer on the underside of round table tops. You can grab a standard 45° like the astra coated 2310 XL chamfer, or go one step better (in my opinion) and grab an astra coated 2318 which is a 60° chamfer! This leaves a really nice modern edge profile that is pleasantly slimming.

We are affiliates with Bits&Bits, so you can get 10% off any of the above bits if you order from them with our code Cypress10

If you got this far, thanks for reading!!

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