Initial Thoughts On Our New Fuji Spray Q5 Platinum HVLP


My name is Evan, and I am the Lead Designer and Woodworker at Cypress DesignWorks. I am also a Mechanical Engineer and an absolute tool nerd. I love helping pair people up with the right tool for the job and their budget.

Model Details and Pricing: The Q5 Platinum is a 5 stage HVLP turbine made by Fuji Spray in Toronto, Canada. This system can be purchased with their T70 Bottom Feed Style Gun, or their T75G Gravity Feed Style Gun. This system retails for around $1,400 depending on the configuration chosen.


I can confidently recommend this sprayer for anyone who wants a top of the line HVLP system. The Fuji Spray Q5 Platinum was clearly made with professionals in mind, but with an obvious design that even a beginner can understand. This system has high-quality parts, extremely versatile adjustments, quiet operation, and plenty of power. Although this is not an inexpensive system, its features and incredible quality make it a great investment for businesses or serious hobbyists ready to take their finishing to the next level. This a true buy once, cry once tool.

Features: (What makes this system stand out)

Quiet: The Q in Q5 stands for Quiet, and let me tell you this system lives up to that designation. I was blown away by the difference in noise between this 5 stage turbine and our old 3 stage and 2 stage turbines. You can have this at full power and have a normal conversation in the room. If you're like us and spend considerable time in your finishing process, having a quiet system goes a long way.