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SurfPrep 3x4 Electric Ray Sander Review

Model Details and Pricing: The 3x4 Electric Ray is a multi-purpose orbital sander designed and manufactured by SurfPrep in the United States. This sander can be purchased with or without vacuum compatibility, retailing for right around $500. For an additional $50 you can get a package deal called a "Sanding System" with their most popular abrasives which is a great option for those unsure of which sandpaper types they will prefer.

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The Electric Ray had a WAY bigger impact on my workflow than I expected. I thought that I would be using this exclusively for sanding profiled pieces like roundovers and crown molding, but I was so wrong. We use our 3x4 Electric Ray as much or more than we use our 6" random orbit sander. The Electric Ray is a powerful, comfortable, and controllable sander, making it my go-to for sanding edges, profiled pieces, finish sanding, and sanding between coats of finish (the list is endless). This sander absolutely blew away my expectations and is now a critical part of our shop. I cannot recommend this sander enough; it is worth every penny.


Features: (What makes this system stand out)

Quality: The first thing I noticed when I picked this sander up was how incredibly well made it is. It fits well in your hand, is solidly weighted but not heavy, and comes with a long power cord. The long power cord is a big win in my book as it means I can plug it in centrally in my shop and reach all my adjacent workbenches.

Versatility: As I mentioned in my summary, the biggest thing I appreciate about this sander is how many different applications it is suited for. This sander is a great size for finish sanding, but also has plenty of power for stock removal in tricky places for a random orbit to access. On its lower power settings, it is much gentler than a ROS, making it exceptional at sanding between coats of finish.

SurfPrep offers an incredibly broad range of abrasive solutions for this sander, varying in material, thickness, firmness, etc. They offer paper abrasives, film backed abrasives, net style abrasives, and a huge range of foam-backed abrasives that let the sander be used in a bunch of unique applications like obscure profiles. This sander is a jack of all trades tool with consumables to match.

Ergonomics: One of the main reasons I love this sander is how gentle it is on your hands. The form of the handle and trigger/paddle are profiled really nicely, making it comfortable to hold. Another key feature of this sander is how there is almost no vibration in using it, which is incredibly refreshing in a sander. Using this sander for long sanding sessions is not as much of a workout as our other sanders.

The 3x4 Electric Ray has a really nice balance and a low center of gravity, making it natural to keep the sander flat on the piece. This makes it much easier for those less -experienced to pick up and use this sander with great results.

Adjustable Power: Another really nice feature of the 3x4 Electric Ray is how controllable the unit is. It comes with three different power settings and a paddle trigger which is really handy to get the right amount of aggression out of the sander.



SurfPrep is a partner of our channel. Although we are an affiliate, this review is our genuine opinion on the product.


About the Author:

Evan is the lead designer and woodworker at Cypress DesignWorks. He is a Mechanical Engineer and a complete tool nerd!

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