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Meet the Makers

We are a husband and wife team. Evan designs our furniture and is responsible for bringing those designs to life! Nicole handles all of the painting and finishing of our furniture, as well as managing our website and marketing endeavors.

Together, we bring a lot of energy and excitement to our business and work together to generate heirloom quality furniture.

We are a Mechanical Engineer and a Graphic Designer respectively. These backgrounds impact our design both in quality and style. We both have a passion for learning and mastery and are always excited to develop our trade and move our skills to the next level.

We love what we do and we are excited to grow and expand our business. One of our favorite things about our business is that we get to do it as a team. Running a business with your spouse is by no means easy, but our marriage is so much stronger for it. It’s like the business gave us a crash course on how to work, communicate, and have patience with each other.

We also love working hard and creating things with our time. One of our favorite things to say is, “It feels good to work hard.” Finally, we do this because we love getting to interact with them on an individual basis. We enjoy working with them and providing them with a piece of furniture that will last their family for generations to come.

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